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Guild name: Ascending Phoenix
Faction: Horde
Server: Mok’Nathal (PVE, Phoenix DC)
Time Zone: CST
Raid Format: 10-Man Normal
Raid Time: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8:00PM-11:00PM

Current Raid Recruitment*
Tank- 1 (Monk/Druid) Medium
Healers- 2 (Shaman, Druid, Monk, Priest) High
Ranged DPS- 2 (Shaman, Warlock, Druid) Medium
Melee DPS- 1(Monk)  Low

*All raiders are expected to be willing to have a viable off spec with decent gear or an alt that can fill in when needed.

Ascending Phoenix is a casual, family-oriented guild that enjoys playing World of Warcraft in a fun and relaxed environment.  We accept all players of all levels.  Being casual means we understand real life takes priority over any game.  We have members with varying levels of interest in the game.
Our raid team is looking for members who wish to progress in 5.2 and beyond.  Our goal is to see the all the content World of Warcraft has to offer in a timely manner while having a good time.  We do have some requirements for all of our raiders:

-- Have a positive attitude and mature personality with a desire to progress (good humor and a slight bit of immaturity are fine until we pull the boss)
-- Able to adhere to the attendance policy and in control of your own schedule
-- Have Ventrillo running with a working headset and microphone and the ability to speak when needed
-- Ability to play your character well and improve by researching, watching videos, etc(includes second spec/alt)  We have a WoL account and will post logs after every raid.
-- Geared, gem’ed, enchanted, etc properly.  No spirit gems on warrior tanks. ;)   This includes using proper flasks/potions/buff food.
-- Use a boss mods addon.  Preferably Deadly Boss Mods.
-- Active in the daily activity of the guild.  If all you log on for is to raid you'll quickly become alienated.  Raiding robots need not apply!
Our attendance policy was created with the real life needs of our guild in mind. 

  • We require 70% monthly attendance rate.  If a raider knows he will be late prior to the raid he must post in the Absence forum of our guild website.  Those who fail to do so will be considered absent, but those who post will be considered to have attended the raid.  If an emergency arises and a raider cannot post in time they are expected to post as soon as possible.  Raiders that slip below 70% will be removed from our rotation.  The rest of the raid team is relying on you to be there as much as you are them to be there.
    Anyone interested in joining will be asked to join our vent server for an interview.   If accepted to the team the player will be considered a trial and be required to show up for raids and be a normal raider.  If at any point you become a problem to the guild you may be asked to leave.   The trial period is to make sure you mesh with our guild and team and enjoy your playtime as well.
    For more information you can visit: www.facebook.com/ascending.phoenix.mok or contact Atlantica/Sanji, Zoth/Zihnge or myself battle tag: Alsorin#1361 in-game.

Arigatou Gozaimasu!
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